How Many Times Can You Take the ISA Arborist Test?

Are you looking to become a certified arborist? If so, you may be wondering how many times you can take the International Society of Arborists (ISA) exam. The good news is that you can retake the exam free of charge up to one year after the original date you took it. If you don't pass the exam with the free retake, you can retake it within one year from the date of the original exam for an additional fee. The time limit for the exam is 3.5 hours and you must obtain a score of 76% to pass.

This means that you must answer 152 questions correctly to maintain 76%. The best way to prepare for the exam is to take it online, on your own schedule, from your own home. During the test, it's important to focus on the questions and not be distracted. It's also important to observe all environmental and behavioral rules.

If you need help during the exam, use the chat icon to request it. With proper preparation and focus, you can pass the ISA arborist exam and become a certified arborist.

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