Becoming an Expert Arborist in Texas: What Qualifications Do You Need?

If you're looking to become an arborist in Texas, you'll need to meet certain qualifications. To become a certified arborist, you must have a two-year associate degree with a minimum of two courses directly related to arboriculture plus two years of full-time practical experience in arboriculture. Alternatively, a four-year bachelor's degree with a minimum of four directly related courses plus one year of full-time practical experience in arboriculture is also accepted. Additionally, you must be trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture and comply with the Code of Ethics that strengthens the credibility and reliability of the workforce. In order to become an expert in Texas arboriculture, there are several resources available to help you.

The Texas Certification Exam Tree Master Lists (in PDF format) provide a comprehensive overview of the qualifications needed to become an arborist in the state. The Texas Forest Service Tree Identification Website is also a great resource for learning more about tree identification and the presentation of Tree Identification Slides from the Texas Forest Service (in PDF format 1.6 M) can help you gain a better understanding of the subject. Oak wilt is one of the most destructive tree diseases in the United States; however, an ISA-certified arborist qualified for Texas oak wilt knows how to best assess the situation. With the right qualifications and resources, you can become an expert in Texas arboriculture.

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